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  • General Server Rules


    • No inappropriate nicknames.
    • No sexually explicit nicknames.
    • No offensive nicknames.
    • No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
    • No inappropriate profile pictures.
    • No sexually explicit profile pictures.
    • No offensive profile pictures.
    • Staff reserve the right to change nicknames.
    • Staff reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.
    • No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them).
    • No DMing other members of the server without permission.
    • No inviting unofficial bots.
    • No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc.



    The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. Additionally, admins may decide to take action over something not listed here. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.


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