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FiveM - Business Proposal - A.Watson



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  • Steam Profile URL
  • Business Name
    MerryWeather Security
  • Location (Postal Code)
  • Overview
    This company wil provide 24/7 armed security to Properties, Locations and people. This company orignially started as government contracted private militia however after the US pulled out of afganistan MerryWeather lost all their government contracts and moved onto more private security. We will work with all kinds of clients from business owners to people that have a lot of money to protect.
  • Executive Summary
    MerryWeather Security is allowing not only the prevention of crimes against property and people but also the deterant. People are less likely to commit a crime when there is a security officer nearby. MerryWeather does not plan on being a police department just a company providing protection when Police aren't able to. We do not utilise our weapons without nessesary reason.
  • Employee Positions
    Operations Director
    Operations Deputy Director
    Operations Manager

    Marked Operations Team Lead
    Unmarked Operations Team Lead

    Security Agent
    Senior Security Officer
    Security Officer
  • Custom MLO/YMAP?
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We are currently looking into this. Presently the Merryweather NPC's are hostile towards anyone that enters the area. We are making sure we can turn them friendly w/o having to remove them so we can keep your Immersion level as high as possible before player interactions. 

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