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Open Applications

  • Manifest Networks - Public Relations Application

    This is one of the most important roles within the community, without a public relations officer we have a slim chance of becoming known! It's your job to oversee day-to-day running of Manifest Networks social media accounts, ensuring all content published is compliant and responsible. Create innovative content and copy for a multitude of digital platforms (website, social media, and promotions), compile monthly reports to ensure we're meeting key goals and you'll also work closely with the management team to ensure consistency.


    Age Requirement: 18+
    Required Skillsets:

    • Communication
    • Writing Ability
    • Understanding of Social Media
    • Multimedia
    • Creativity
    • Attention to Detail
    • Honesty
  • Discord - Staff Application

    Looking to help out around the discord? Apply today!


    Age Requirement: 16+

  • FiveM - Staff Application

    Looking to make a difference within the FiveM community? Apply for staff today!


    Age Requirement: 16+

  • FiveM - Business Proposal

    Looking to become a business owner? Submit your proposal today!

  • FiveM - Gang/Org Proposal

    Already established your gang or crime syndicate within the city and looking to take it to the next step? Apply for the whitelisted status today!

    Requirement: 4+ Members

  • DarkRP - Staff Application

    Apply for staff within the Garry's Mod DarkRP server

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