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Manifest Networks 1.0.0

Released 10/13/2023

Key Changes

General Updates

  • New Features
    • Added a captivating loading screen.
    • Introduced a remote CAD connection for enhanced accessibility.
    • Implemented Ranch MLO for immersive experiences.
    • Integrated a network sync for interior lights, enhancing realism.
    • Brought in a new animation manager for smoother transitions.
    • Added a new numerical weight display to the inventory UI.
    • Revamped the vehiclesales form UI for a polished look.
    • Introduced a multijob system for diverse role-playing opportunities.
    • Integrated streaming of video and music for added entertainment.
    • Implemented a new weight format in the inventory for better organization.

User Interface Enhancements

  • UI Changes
    • Overhauled the main UI with a fresh, modern look.
    • Redesigned the input UI for a more intuitive and aesthetic experience.
    • Updated the stash interface to improve K9 accessibility and filtering.
    • Refined the inventory UI with numerical weight indicators.

Animation and Interaction

  • Animations
    • Added an array of new animations for a richer user experience.
    • Included new door locks for specific locations, enhancing security.
    • Introduced a submix feature to megaphones, offering versatile usage.
    • Incorporated submix checks for better audio management.
    • Implemented item checks for specific animations, ensuring compatibility.

Gameplay and Systems

  • New Systems
    • Added a multijob system for expanded role-playing opportunities.
    • Introduced a backpack system, including briefcases with locks.
    • Implemented a complete gym build, featuring three strength activities.
    • Added a boosting system for enhanced in-game progression.
    • Integrated a container system for improved item organization.
    • Introduced a comprehensive laptop system with updated apps and style.
    • Added a card terminal prop for varied interactions.
    • Implemented a new payments system for businesses.

Content and Asset Updates

  • New Content
    • Expanded the item list with new consumables and items.
    • Added a variety of MLOs to enrich the in-game environment.
    • Introduced new vehicles and weapons to the core lists.
    • Updated the weapons list with additional assets and data.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved desync issues with vehicle locks for smoother gameplay.
    • Fixed a major bug causing random crashes during character loading.
    • Rectified fuel tank leakage issues for improved vehicle functionality.
    • Addressed various bugs related to inventory, UI, and system functions.

Security and Administration

  • Security Measures
    • Added exploit prevention measures for a secure gameplay environment.
    • Implemented a new protection system and anticheat measures.
    • Integrated a ban table to forums for streamlined administration.
    • Introduced admin commands for improved server control.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Added a mini-game to stealing shoes (Revoked).
    • Introduced a receipt system and integrated it into payment terminals.
    • Included troll commands for administrators for playful interactions.
    • Updated admin commands and ranks for better server management.

Additional Information

This changelog covers a multitude of updates and improvements, providing a more immersive, secure, and entertaining experience for players on the server. Enjoy exploring the new features and enhancements in Version 1.0.0!

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