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Manifest Networks 1.0.1

Released 2/18/2024

Key Changes

Server Enhancements and Stability

  • Auto Restart Features

    • Introduced auto server restart warnings to keep players informed.
    • Implemented lock functions during server restarts for added security.
    • Enhanced notification functions for admin reports.
  • Debug and Optimization

    • Disabled debug functions by default for a cleaner experience.
    • Updated queue system with new functions and optimizations.
    • Fixed various typos for improved code readability.
    • Fixed level grading on multijobs for accurate progression tracking.

Gameplay and Features

  • Driving and Vehicles

    • Added driver's license by default in the absence of driving instructors.
    • Disabled auto lock functions for NPC vehicles to prevent unintended consequences.
    • Expanded the weapon holster list to include the Glock.
    • Updated various functions for the anticheat system, ensuring a secure environment.
    • Invoked new requirements for synced animations between players and NPCs.
  • Police and Law Enforcement

    • Updated police armory build functions for efficient item management.
    • Added ATM robbery alerts on the CAD and dispatch systems.
    • Adjusted paychecks for all whitelist jobs for fair compensation.
    • Increased inventory slots to 25 for enhanced storage capacity.
    • Added a working boss menu for the burgershot job.
  • Economy and Prices

    • Updated item prices in the shop system for a balanced economy.
    • Adjusted cooldown timer and prices for ATM robberies.
    • Altered pricing for tier 1 apartments for realism.
    • Updated mining and hunting store prices for better balance.
    • Adjusted financing zones for the dealership(s).
  • Content and Interactions

    • Added a completely new giftbox system and assets.
    • Added a pet system for a unique in-game experience.
    • Updated items and keybindings for smoother interactions.
    • Added diving gear to the shops for underwater exploration.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Server Stability

    • Fixed a major bug causing random crashes during character loading.
    • Rectified fuel tank leakage for improved vehicle functionality.
    • Addressed various bugs related to inventory, UI, and system functions.
    • Fixed a traction bug causing duplication of previous traction.
  • Security Measures

    • Added exploit preventions for a secure gameplay environment.
    • Integrated a ban table to forums for streamlined administration.
  • Inventory System Overhaul

    • Removed old inventory assets and introduced a completely new inventory system.
    • Added inventory integration for apartments and consumables for seamless gameplay.
    • Adjusted item weights for a more realistic experience.

Visual and Aesthetic Updates

  • Graphics and Presentation

    • Updated markdowns between systems and lb-phone for a cohesive visual experience.
    • Adjusted default stash variables for improved aesthetics.
  • HUD and UI

    • Completely reworked the HUD system for a more polished and user-friendly interface.
    • Removed ps-hud and replaced it with illenium-appearance for a modern look.

Additional Features and Systems

  • Role-Playing Elements

    • Added a playtime reward system, offering bonuses to active players.
    • Introduced a mini-game for stealing shoes (Revoked) for added fun.
    • Added a crafting system for diverse in-game activities.
  • Job Systems and Locations

    • Created new jobs and adjusted ranks for enhanced role-playing.
    • Added new housing props to the furniture system for personalized spaces.
    • Relocated the traphouse and added a new hidden shop for exciting discoveries.

Additional Information

This comprehensive update brings a multitude of new features, optimizations, and bug fixes to provide players with an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Dive into the fresh content and enhanced systems in Version 1.0.1!

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